Auto parts industry - helium leak detection equipm
Industry applications: air conditioning systems, including condenser, evaporator, compressor and expansion valve and pipe, etc.; Fuel oil system, incl...
New energy industry - helium leak detection equipm
Industry applications: battery shell middle note the finished product before leak detection, battery liquid leakage, the battery pack pack pack IP67, ...
Refrigeration industry - helium leak detection equ
Industry applications: home air conditioning, commercial air conditioning and refrigerator parts, including evaporator, condenser, compressor, accumul...
Electric power industry - helium leak detection eq
Application industry: medium voltage SF6 switch, high voltage SF6 switch, circuit breaker, load switch, etc
Other industries - helium leak detection equipment
Industry applications: fire extinguisher, fire extinguisher, instruments and valves, etc.), solar water heater (pipe), pharmaceutical industry (pharma...




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